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Lab Manager Position

We're hiring a lab manager to start July 1st, 2024. If you're interested in applying, please do so by following this link. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue on a rolling basis. Applications received before April 1st, 2024 will receive the strongest consideration. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Interested in joining the lab?

Looking to work in the lab as a research assistant?
The lab is certainly interested in recruiting research assistant to work in the lab. Because the lab will just be beginning, new RAs will get the opportunity to see the inner workings of establishing a new development lab and will also be able to start working on new project from their inception. Please check back around July 2024 for more information on how to apply.

Looking to apply as a lab coordinator?
I will be recruiting a lab coordinator to begin in July 2024. If you're interested, I would keep an eye out for a job advertisement around February 2024. This position will involve helping to establish the M&M Lab by building up data collection infrastructure and instantiating best practices & norms. 

Looking to apply to the graduate program?
I will be reviewing applications for graduate students to begin in 2024. If you're interested in social cognitive development, I would encourage you to apply! For more information, I would suggest looking at the CLPS website. You can also see below for additional information on advice about applying.

Looking to apply as a postdoc?
I'm looking to recruit a postdoc starting in summer 2025. If you're interested in working as a postdoc in the lab, please email Julia Marshall ( with a copy of your CV. For those who are interested in a postdoc position, I recommend you reach out quite in advance so that we could have ample time to collaborate on grant proposals to financially support the position.

FAQs for
Prospective Graduate Students

What is the lab studying?
As described on the Projects page, the lab is broadly interested in social cognitive development. In particular, the lab's core interest revolves around answering questions about cooperation and morality. Most typically, we do studies with children, but we also often do studies with adults to supplement our understanding of children's behavior & reasoning.

If topics related to morality, social cognition, and cooperation are of interest to you, we would encourage you to check out the lab. The hope is that graduate students will have a sense of a topic that they are interested in exploring with some concrete research questions in mind. In your personal statement, I would encourage applicants to discuss what topic and research questions are of most interest to them and why. There is no expectation, though, to present a very specific study idea, as study ideas will certainly evolve and change over time.

What will it be like to work in the lab?
Considering the lab is just starting, working in the lab at this point will provide students and staff the opportunity to shape the culture and establish social norms and practices. I am deeply committed to cultivating an open, diverse, and scientific workplace that will allow students and staff to conduct rigorous developmental science. If you're interested in helping to establish such a culture, then I would encourage you to apply.

What should I do if I want to join the lab?
If you are interested in working the lab as a graduate student, all you need to do is apply. If you would like, you can email me regarding your interest along with a CV, but you are by no means required to do so. 

I want to study a topic that isn't mentioned. Is that okay?
As described above, the lab's interests are quite diverse, and my hope is that graduate students will be motivated to develop their own independent research programs. If you have a question about fit, I would encourage you to email me about it, and we can discuss. Broadly speaking, though, most questions related to social cognitive development are of interest to me. 

I have never worked with kids before. Should I apply?
It is not imperative to have experience working in a developmental lab previously to apply to the lab. If this is the case for you, I would encourage you to clarify your interests in social and moral psychology generally and describe how you think developmental approaches may or may not help to address questions of interest. 

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